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DATE: December 7, 2006
LOCATION: Anegada Island

I spent a great couple of days in little harbor on Peter Island but departed just after a rain shower under an early morning rainbow. The first few days of December were spent back in Tortola looking for anchors, alternator parts and zincs for my props. From there we sailed east to Virgin Gorda but this time we went up to the North Side, made the cut by Mosquito Rock and sailed into North Bay at 9 knots.

After knocking about in the bay we settled on an anchorage off Vixen Point west of Saba rock. This is the harbor where the famed Bitter End Yacht Club resides and it is pretty much at the end of the BVI's. Though very commercial, this is a great little place to spend a few days. In addition to the usual shops, Bitter End rents all sorts of water toys, Hoby cats, windsurfers, small keel boats and also provides instruction. Kids and some not so kids were zipping around between the moored and anchored boats on one wind driven contrivance or the other, all the little sailing rockets were decorated in every color you could imagine. It was fun just spending a few minutes watching their antics. One couple flipped a Hobie cat and as they drifted by laughingly explained they were just learning. A Bitter end employee in a small motor boat was soon on the scene, flipped them upright and off they went.

Besides Saba Rock and the Bitter End Restaurant, there is the Quarterdeck and across the way there is Leverick Bay. I never got over there but I think I might pass that way again. The morning of the 7th sees us hauling the anchor for the short trip to low lying, reef ensconced Anegada island The cut in could be a little tricky in bad conditions but it was well marked and the cruising guides walked you right in. Couldn't get the little Bruce or Fortress to catch in the grassy bottom, both anchors are a little small and just couldn't get under the grass. This would have been a place the CQR might have excelled but that 40-pound beast is back in the locker and it was much easier just to pick up a mooring. With both trampolines restiched and back in place it was almost too easy. 3 or 4 restaurants line the shore and the Anagada specialty is Lobster, Soooo guess where the single crew of the Parallax will be tonight

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