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The Parallax is a 36-foot cruising catamaran made by Corsair. Corsair is a top end manufacturer known mainly for their series of cruising trimarans. I am told the only made perhaps 5 catamarans. The Parallax is foam cored; even the bulkheads and kitchen counters are foam cored to save weight. It was built using vacuum bag construction and vinylester resin. The hull is incredibly stiff and strong, if more subject to impact damage.

The boat has watertight bulkheads and after hurricane Isabel was left impaled on two 8 inch pilings. I actually cut the boat off the pilings with a chain saw and then motored the boat to the marine yard 10 miles away. Not a drop of water entered the living quarters.

The boat can be a very good performer when lightly loaded. On a recent trip to Bermuda my dad and I made the trip in a little over three days. Smoking for a 36 footer. The Parallax is only happy if left to her anorexic tendencies. Heavily laden as she will be for the trip to the Caribbean, she will be if not slow, labored.

Parallax is 36 feet overall and a hair less on the waterline with a 20 foot beam. At 56 feet above the water and a sweeping boom her main is enormous. She has a retractable bow sprit for the asymmetrical spinnaker which her skipper loves to set. With only two 18 horse Volvos she was not meant to be motored, but with a stiff wind and in fighting weight she is a fun, fast, and comfortable boat to sail

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