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Phillip Gillihan

Phil GillihanI am the owner and skipper of the Parallax. I have been sailing one boat or another since my teenage years where I really cut my teeth on Hobie cats On Ky lake. Some 30 plus years later I live on Willoughby beach in Norfolk and on the sand dune out back sets a beat up storm tossed 70 vintage Hobie 16. Although I have owned keeled monohulls and cruised and raced and chartered them all over the Caribbean, Chesapeake and Atlantic, I am still a cat guy.

I have made 3 passages to Bermuda and a couple of deliveries from the east coast to the Caribbean and have sailed the Chesapeake and costal waters inside out. I often sail single-handed and just recently completed a solo return voyage from Bermuda to Norfolk in the Parallax, after my Dad crewed on the trip over.

I am a bachelor and have a nearly 18-year-old son. He doesn't have my passion for sailing though he is quite good on the boat. He will be joining me for different legs of the trip where we will share our love of diving, and maybe just hang out.

Professionally I am an attorney and recently resigned my position with the US Coast Guard. I have a small property management company and a fledgling consulting group specializing in government procurement, which is my expertise. After this sabbatical these ventures will hopefully replenish what will be a severely diminished cruising kitty. I recently told a friend that my trapeze act now looks much different with no safety net. But safety nets are dulling and the act suffers for it.

I do nearly all the work required on Parallax, electrical, mechanical, structural any and everything. People ask how does that come so naturally to a lawyer. My answer is that it doesn't, my basic understanding of how things work comes from my Dad

Bill Bloodgood

Bill BloodgoodI live with my wife, Hildegard, in Hampton, Va. next to the local boat yard where the Carib 1500 will start.

I have been sailing for more than 25 years and currently own a 37 ft. Tartan Sail Boat.

Two years ago my wife and I moved aboard and lived aboard for one year while cruising the Florida Keys and Bahama Islands. The two of us have sailed the length of the East Coast from New York to Key West, including the Bahamas from Bimini to Georgetown.

I did serve 4 years aboard a US Navy Destroyer; The view of the ocean from a small sailboat is quite different.

I look forward to the adventure of sailing in the Carib 1500 aboard a friendís 36 ft. Cat. and to meeting new fellow sailors.

After the initial leg, Crew will be added and will depart as the voyage unfolds. I have the good fortune to have several good cruising and diving friends and the Parallax hopefully will lure them as we move through the islands. This “About the Crew” section will be annotated with a short bio when a new face is seen on the Parallax.

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