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DATE: November 26, 2006
LOCATION: Lee Bay, Tortolla

The last several days has seen the Parallax in full island hoping mode. We spent the day on the hook at Green Cay for some first rate snorkeling, moved over to Cane Garden harbor to enjoy the local night life and have spent the last day at anchor in a truly spectacular little cut out called Lee Bay. This could be called the bay of pelicans as maybe a dozen giant specimens of these birds spend their day dive-bombing for fish along the steep shored bay. These birds will be soaring at maybe 100 feet and will suddenly tuck and dive with a resounding smack, sometimes two and three birds performing their high board act at the same time. Under the surface of the water are the usual shallow reef dwellers but also great clouds of small schooling fish. When you dive through them they imperceptibly open up and then surround you so densely that the world disappears into a shimmering mass of choreographed movement. Most of this is better told with pictures so click on the pics.

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