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DATE: November 23, 2006
LOCATION: Yost Van Dyke

I had thought the rally would be a great place to meet folks and I wasn't disappointed. Pre departure even before we joined the rally I had met Chris and Louise of the sailing vessel Quest in all places the local haircuttery and gossip center at Willoughby Spit in Norfolk, VA. We both joined the rally and had kept up since then. The Quest had signed up two more crewmembers for the trip over, George and Larry. George is perhaps 5' 4' and Larry is 6'7'. These two would bring a smile to your face every time you saw them together. They were both delightful people to talk to as well as very experienced sailors. Larry had a flight out soon after Quest arrived in Tortola but George stayed with the crew of Quest and was joined by his wife June .

Parallax also signed up John Zekes for a few days sailing, John had come over as crew on Pied a Mer and had expected to cruise with them for a couple of weeks but when plans changed John came aboard Parallax for a few days. So the respective crews of Quest and Parallax sailed off to Jost van Dyke to have thanksgiving dinner at the famous “Foxy's”. George and June had spent several months on island and had actually helped install the computer system and other work at Foxy's place so we had an “inside.”

Foxy's is known to all who know the islands and is the place to be for New Years. It was rated by somebody (George says) as the 4th best place in the world to spend the bicentennial, with tickets on the long side of 300 hundred dollars. Foxy's can get down and Thanksgiving dinner went on until the next day, the midnight limbo contest was nothing short of amazing, some local guy well known for his prowess cleared the stick at I swear, not over one foot off the ground. I kept looking for the strings and wires, which obviously held this guy up, but if they were there I didn't see them.

Foxy himself, joined our table and gave us a private version of his stand up shtick. Foxy has preformed all over and he kept us rolling but I don't dare repeat the jokes here. Maybe three people in the world could get away with his observations on the “way of things”, you will just have to go to Foxy's. Can't miss it on the shores of Little Harbor in Jost Van Dyke

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