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DATE: November 19, 2006
LOCATION: Ashore in St. Thomas—18° 22' N     064° 55' W

The East wind did come and lasted until we made landfall at St Thomas in the predawn hours. We went trough Savana passage at midnight the 18th made the corner at David Point and actually motor sailed a couple of hours to Crown Bay Marina. We were wondering if we had enough fuel to even do that but it didn't matter much there was plenty of room to tack up the cut and when it got tight we would drop the hook and put the dingy out. The wind could go as hard as it wanted to the south now. So as it turns out, we never really finished the rally because we didn't cross the finish line, at least not until a few days later when we crossed it from the south going the wrong way. I had once missed the finish line in a race several years before when the wind dropped and we drifted past on the wrong side of the committee boat. This was sort of like, I am sure my old racing crew will take great and vocal delight when they discover we managed to finish backwards once again. Sunday morning sees us in the Crown Bay Marina downing huevos rancheros and taking on fuel…and beer. Wrong way finishes can be quite all right.

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