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DATE: November 17, 2006
LOCATION: 23° 57' N     067° 41' W

The wind finally came the 16th from the northeast but was now blowing from the east-southeast. We couldn't make the rhumb line to the cut into Tortola but stronger wind more form the east was predicted for Saturday the 18th. We debated pinching the boat up hard and maybe tacking out to stay close to the rhumb line but quickly discarded the idea, the east wind might not come and no way I was going to come off the long tack even if it meant a land fall in Puerto Rico. If and when the east wind came we would consider other options. The east wind was predicted to last 24 hours or less and then clock hard to the south southeast, right on the nose. . We were going to be SOMEPLACE before that happened. So we held the tack heading generally toward the east end of Puerto Rico and hoped for a freeing east breeze but if it didn't come we would still make Puerto Rico. We were moving and had enough juice to let the autopilot do it, ok by me.

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