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DATE: November 15, 2006
LOCATION: 23° 12' N     067° 52' W

More of the same the last few days, the winds didn't exceed 5 or 6 knots and were often less. Again we thought we saw a slant of wind a little south along 69 degrees west. Turned out not to be there but we were willing at this point to give up easting for some wind even if it meant we would have to divert to Puerto Rico. Bill reminded me that they had beer in Puerto Rico.

The solar cells weren't keeping up with the demand and we had very little fuel in reserve to charge the batteries. I hoped to have at least 5 hours of run time in reserve but we really weren't much concerned with sailing the boat without fuel, there were plenty of places where we could sail right up to the anchorage. Mainly we wanted to reserve enough fuel to keep the electronics up, and even then the only piece of equipment we wanted to maintain was the autopilot.

So we sailed the boat or bobbed around, we weren't always heading the right direction but we kept the boat moving 2 or 3 knots generally toward the south. When we closed with the islands we would let the wind pick the final destination. We had maybe 55 gallons of available diesel at the start and we had perhaps 3 to 4 gallons left. That had worked out to 89 hours of run time, mainly on one engine at 4.5 knots. We were finished with the motoring part of this passage.

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