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DATE: November 12, 2006
LOCATION: 30° 02' N 070° 36' W

Parallax is not a motorboat, the winds are much less than initially predicted and to compound things we thought we could slip down the rhumb line or even a little south of the rhumb line. Now we are struggling to make a little east where we see some wind both in the weather data and reports of the other boats. We are down to one engine at 4.5 knots or so. Good fuel economy but the other boats motor at 6 or 7 so this is a bit maddening. The wind I thought I saw in the “grib” files is not here. A lot of the 1500 boats are in the same shape we are unfortunately; trying to find some wind and conserving fuel. Oh for a 100 miles easting. Live and learn. I don't see any improvement in the weather for a couple of days, there is a little more wind a little north and a little east but we cant get there. We may have 30 gallons of fuel remaining, which is maybe 60 hours engine time at 4.5 knots, the math is not encouraging. In the meantime we cut the engine on the least hint of wind and try to make something out of not much.

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