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DATE: November 6, 2006
LOCATION: Shoreside – Predeparture

The start of the Caribbean 1500 was set to start this morning, but this evening I make this entry still firmly attached to the shore. Strong southeast winds followed by an upper level low and 30 plus from the North kept the rally in Hampton and will probably keep us here until at least Wed morning. It's not so much the 30 from the North but the 25 on the nose almost exactly from where we going that keeps everyone's shorts in a bunch.

The crew of the Parallax can use the extra couple of days, there's not a whole lot left to do but it's nice to have a couple of days to rest and attend to the smaller details. The !500 has been fun so far, were glad we did it. Haven't met anyone we didn't like and certainly have already made some new friends.

Watching the weather tonight, studying “grib” files and high seas forecasts. The 1500 has excellent weather routing support from Commanders weather but I can't help myself.

Tomorrow we clean up a little more and actually do a little “pretty” work. Wed. or perhaps Thursday will see us casting off the lines. The plan is to follow the low out on a weak norther for the Gulf stream crossing some 100 miles off shore and then hopefully stronger North winds after that for a couple of days. Well see.

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