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DATE: November 1, 2006
LOCATION: Shoreside – Predeparture

It's probably not proper to make an entry in a ships log prior to departure, I wonder what Nelson would think.

We, that's me and Bill bloodgood are franticly making last minute improvements to Parallax. I designed and built a fiberglass arch to extend the bimini sun cover and mount two 50 watt solar pannels. I used honeycomb and foam core materials to keep the structure light but horribly underestimated the time it would take to fabricate. Just today we finished mounting the solar cells. I didn't need to be immersed in a project a few days before departure but there was no way out but to finish the thing. Its not pretty yet as it needs sanding and painting but strong and functional and with the addition of these two solar cells we now have a total of 4 solar panels with a combined power output of 250 watts.

The inspector from the Caribbean 1500, Davis, came by today inspected the boat and made some suggestions. Very nice guy, I will have to admit that the rally organization is holding me to a little higher standard as far as safety at sea goes and that's a good thing.

The boat looks like a workshop, tools, and bits of wire, hoses, clamps, line and assorted junk everywhere. I look at all the stuff and wonder whose been using the Parallax for a dump. We set out to work in one part of the boat and move everything out of the way to another part of the boat only to later move to that part of the boat and move the accumulate detritus to yet another part of the boat. This operation becomes a little less precise with every relocation leaving a trail of stuff throughout the boat.

Tomorrow I have to have surgery, which will result in the loss of a half a day I don't have to loose; we are already a half a day behind as it is. Maybe the two half days will somehow cancel, like getting lapped and thinking your in the lead again.

Tomorrow should see the boat straightened and things properly stowed. The departure is set for Monday the 6th. We hope to have the boat provisioned by Saturday evening. Sunday should just be a mental day spent reviewing weather and course data and getting a good nights rest.

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